In 1975, while I was a pianist, I met a Giant Schnauzer during a concert in Angouleme.

It was love at first sight !

I immediately phoned my wife. I saw an extraordinary dog. He is good-looking spbo, smart and four times bigger than Voyou (Rascal), our Wire Hair Fox Terrier nepalfreed. We will own the same kind of dog later.

The following year, our dear Voyou died, think the Voyou shamefully poisoned. As we did not dare to fulfil our dream immediately, we bought an Airedale Terrier, a dog which is considered be suitable for a flat.

What a mistake ! The Airedale Terrier, since he was a true Terrier, could not stand this way of life on . We put him at some friends' home in Vendee, in an appropriate place.

At the beginning of 1977, we bought our first Giant Schnauzer and we went to dog shows - without our dog - to make up our minds about it.

In 1978, we presented him for the first time to a dog show in Le Havre. He won his first award there

...One year later, we left our jobs to dedicate ourselves to the breeding experience, on June the 25th...

We were young, we were happy-go-lucky, but we were determined. We just had to find a name, a "designation".

As we did not know yet where to set up, our decision was quick: in combining the first syllable of our names, our dogs to be born will carry the affix 'from Bujol'.

From that moment on, we have been breeding black Giant Schnauzers with passion, and -a few years later- their 'little brothers', black Miniature Schnauzers.

A love at first sight which never failed, a dream which became true !

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